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Our Portfolio Companies to Date

1. Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. (2007, 2008, 2009)- successful exit in July 2013 which saw the acquisition of Advanced Liquid Logic (ALL) by Illuminia, Inc. ( and ( – ALL is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Illumina Inc., a San Diego based and NASDAQ listed company which makes genetic testing tools. ALL’s proprietary "digital microfluidics" often referred to as “Lab on a Chip diagnostics” was attractive to Illumina for the development of their next generation gene sequencing. ASAP’s investments enabled ALL to develop its innovative technology to an impressive and proven level. The technology electrically segments and manipulates small droplets within a sealed disposable cartridge to perform complex laboratory protocols on fluids such as blood, sewage, water, chemicals and solutions.

2. AG - TI, LLC. (2014) ( AG-TI is a spin out company from our STI investment. It is focused on the agricultural technology and food production systems space and using an expedited strategic partnership model for growing and exiting companies.

3. AMPLYX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2011) ( Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a preclinical stage company focusing on the development of small molecule drugs with enhanced efficacy and lower toxicity. Amplyx employs a platform approach to improve small molecule drugs by the addition of a second small molecule to an existing drug with initial development areas are in oncology and infectious disease.

4. Bioptigen, Inc. (2008, 2009) ( Bioptigen’s proprietary Envisu™ Spectral Domain Ophthalmic Imaging Systems (SDOIS) use low powered near infrared light to generate depth-resolved images of ocular tissue structures, non-invasively and in real-time. (Sold to Leica Microsystems 2015)

5. Carmell Therapeutics, Inc. (2011, 2014, 2016) ( Carmell is a Pittsburgh, PA firm that is commercializing technology that enables the manufacture of biologically-active plastics from blood plasma for treating injuries to bone and connective tissue.

6. Carrot Medical, Inc. (2010) ( A Boston, MA Integrator of multiple independent diagnostic and procedural imaging sources and patient monitoring systems in simultaneous use during medical procedures. Consolidating information into fewer redundant monitors and displays increases the availability of clinically relevant, real-time data of to the clinical decision-maker, and optimizes space, patient care and economic efficiency.

7. Cognition Therapeutics, Inc. (2014, 2016) ( Cog RX is pursuing a unique process for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease with a potential to treat and reverse the disease.

8. Decision Link, Inc. (2014, 2016) ( A business intelligence sales software system for improving the content packaging of relevant product information and performance evaluation data for justifying the use of systems products in an operational customer setting. Focused on improving the sales closing rates of sales professionals.

9. Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc.  (2014, 2016) ( EMBERA is an early stage drug development company that is testing a unique compounding of two existing drugs for the purpose of controlling smoking cessation and drug addiction.

10. FAST Biomedical (2009, 2014, 2015) ( An Indianapolis, IN company with a revolutionary new point-of-care system for accurate, sensitive and rapid measurement of kidney function, which is revolutionary in the diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury.

11. Monitor Mask, Inc. (2016) ( Monitor Mask is a Bellevue, Washington medical device company founded with the mission of creating capnography oxygen face masks to increase patient safety and streamline workflows. The first design, the M1 Capnography Mask, was imagined in the spring of 2011 and served as the inspiration for the CapnoVue face mask series. CapnoVue devices facilitate capnography in medical practice, increase patient safety, make care workflows more efficient, and help clinicians meet monitoring standards.

12. NeurOP, Inc. (2007, 2009, 2011) ( NeurOp, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing new medicines to treat central nervous system disorders, including major depression, neuropathic pain and ischemia. Our mission is to develop a new generation of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor blockers, which inhibit proteins that play an important role in neuron signaling. Our compounds specifically target the NR2B subtype of these receptors offering an unprecedented opportunity to improve the safety and tolerability of this therapeutic class without compromising efficacy.

13. New Wave Surgical (2010, 2011) ( New Wave Surgical Corp. (NWS) is a premier medical device development company working to design, patent and market medical devices for laparoendoscopic surgical markets. Our first exciting innovation was D-H.E.L.P.®–the only endoscopic visualization system that keeps the laparoscopic lens defogged and clean from the start of surgery to close. NWS was acquired by Covidien, Inc. in a cash buyout in July 2014.

14. NorthShore Bio (2015, 2016) ( NorthShore Bio is a life sciences tools and services company that focuses on the development of direct-to-digital™ nanopore chips, instrumentation appliances, and low-cost sequencing services that enable a range of tests, from simple to data-rich, making sequencing faster, simpler, and more accessible to researchers, clinicians, and field practitioners. NSB's platform changes the "molecular information" problem with the development of proprietary silicon-based, label-free direct electrical sensors that enable significant advances in the resolution and speed of molecular measurement. For example, the chip's proprietary silicon nanopores can be tuned, or sized, electronically to dimensions that will allow for selective identification of DNA, RNA, small molecules, and ion flow.

15. Optima Neuroscience (2010) ( A Gainesville, FL medical device company producing a line of revolutionary brain monitoring products designed for use in hospital intensive care units and emergency rooms. The unit is a wearable head cap with built-in sensors couples to a monitor with software that can predict possible stroke events and provide early warning for proactive intervention. (Optima Neuroscience was acquired by its key distributor in a cash buyout in 2011.)

16. OrthoPediatrics, Inc. (2009) (– OrthoPediatrics is the first company whose total focus is helping children with orthopedic conditions and injuries by providing the surgeons who care for them with anatomically appropriate implants.

17. Otokinetics, Inc. (2012) ( – Salt Lake City, UT a developer of specialized hearing implants for improving the audio capabilities of moderate hearing loss individuals, yielding higher quality results at lower costs than other implants.

18. R and R Music, Inc. (2009, 2010) ( (Originally Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.) A Savannah, GA company with operations in CA and Spain with IP to predict a new music pieces success potential of becoming a hit. Scores and compares music to a deductive universe of prior hits. Now actively selling a rating service to the music writing industry that couples to an on-line marketing and distribution service for high scoring music products. Merger moved operations to Scotland, UK.

19. Respiratory Motion (2012, 2014, 2016) ( -Respiratory Motion, Inc. (RMI) is a new generation medical device company developing and commercializing the ExSpironTM. a noninvasive, continuous respiratory monitor which has received FDA clearance to graphically display lung volumes against time in a wide variety of patients, which more adequately predicts ventilatory distress and cost-effectively improves the standard of care in respiration monitoring.

20. Sensor Tech (2011) ( – Greenville, SC a producer of sensors that can be imbedded in flexible plastics for controlling several applications such as weighing, pressure sensing, and flow management. The lead product is the Patented Force Check Knee Replacement Smart Insert. Designed as a balancing device, the Force Check Knee Replacement Smart Insert Makes the TKA surgeon’s job easier and more efficient, and yields superior alignments benefiting the patient and contributing to longer life of the replacement.

21. Southeast TechInventures, Inc. (2007, 2009, 2010) ( Located in Durham, NC, STI mission is to build an effective and profitable technology accelerator for rapid conversion of scientific breakthroughs into products, services and new technology companies.

STI partners with inventors to accelerate the commercialization of technologies and intellectual property (IP). Our current focus areas include medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials, electronics, and agriculture including agricultural biotechnology.

22. Storm Shelter Electronics, Inc. (2010) ( A Savannah, GA company that makes a lightening detector and electronics shutdown package for home and commercial electronics and electricity production systems, initially concentrating on generator start-up and shutdown for critical applications such as sewage lift stations and industrial applications that need continuous operations.

23. Virginia Distillery Company (2010) ( A Dixon Country, VA niche producer and marketer of high-end malt liquor to be made in a new Virginia distillery with single and double malt products.